Become a Certified Sake Sommelier

Jan 02, 2016Lorenzo Simonini

Sake Sommelier course for restaurant professionals, sommeliers, mixologists, sake lovers

Become a Sake Sommelier

The Sake Sommelier Association has partnered with Sake Company to provide the second edition of its Certified Sake Sommelier course in Milan. This training, endorsed by the Yamagata Prefecture (Japan), will be held from the 15th to the 17th of February 2016 at QKing Corestaurant in via Tartini 13, Milan. After three full days, the successful candidates who will pass the final exam, will receive the official certificate of SOMMELIER SSA (Sake Sommelier Association).

SSA is the reference organization for Sake professionals, experts and lovers in Europe. Its objective is promoting and fostering the Sake culture and information. SSA is the only association specialized in sake sommelier certification outside of Japan.

The training is dedicated to professionals, mixologists, sommeliers but also Sake lovers. It will span three intense days and the final exam will take place in the afternoon of the third day. By the end of the training the graduates will be able to taste, present and sell sake professionally. All necessary course material will be provided, including a stylish sommelier notebook featuring a glossary, tasting forms and key reminders. 


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