Azumanofumoto shuzo


Azuma Tsuyahime 1800ml

Light and dry. Fragrant with fruity aroma typical of Tsuyahime rice. Easy to drink, you won't notice its 15%Vol, so it is ideal for women as well as sake beginners.
The name on the bottle means "enjoy many times" or "enjoy at any temperature", highlighting the easy feel of this great product.

The Tsuyahime rice used has the characteristic of being excellent both when still hot after cooking and cold the next day. This Sake brings the same feature to the drink, delivering great results at any temperature.

Special notes:
The label has been designed in collaboration with Tohoku University of Art and Design professors Tanaka Norio and Nakayama Daisuke.
It is also featured in this video about Sake making in the Nanyang city area.

It won the Gold Award at Yamagata Excellent Design 2013 and Gold Medal at the Delicious Sake in a wine glass 2015.


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